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Thank You and Prayerful Best Wishes!

May 28, 2018

Stefanie St. Pierre, our Choir Director will be leaving her position at the end of this choir season. She has been choir director for the last ten years. The parish thanks you Stefanie and sends its prayerful best wishes.

When Stefanie notified me in an email she said she was “retiring”. It made me chuckle and I sent her back an email saying she is far too young to retire. She told me that she chose that wording because she didn’t want it to sound as if there was some sort of animosity if she said she was resigning. I appreciate your thoughtfulness Stefanie. I suppose she also didn’t want to say she wanted to, “spend more time with her family” because that would sound as if she was a politician caught in some sort of malfeasance. Stefanie does have a growing family and the role of a young mother is an active one. She promises to still be active in the parish.

Such times of transition are always a good time to step back to evaluate our music program and where we would like go in the future. I’m in the process of establishing a Music Director Search Committee. It will use the summer months to review our program and hopefully we will have a new person in place for the fall. Please keep our search committee and their work in your prayers. 

Ecclesiastical Student Fund Collection This Weekend

This weekend a Second Collection will be taken up for the Ecclesiastical Student Fund for our diocese. The collection provides the money to pay for the seminary education of men hoping to commit their lives to the priesthood. Like all higher education, seminary education has become very expensive. Last year the number of seminarians almost doubled from eight to fifteen. We still need many more!

Next Saturday, June 9, 2018, Matthew Gill, Daniel Nunes, and Juan Munoz, will be ordained priests for the Diocese of Fall River by Bishop Edgar da Cunha, SDV. D.D. at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Fall River. Please pray for these three men as they make final preparations to serve the people of God.

Permanent Deaconate Information Nights

Informational nights for a new class of Permanent Deaconate candidates to begin in the spring of 2019 are planned for Tuesday evening June 12, 2019, and August 28, 2019. Both meeting begin at 7:00 p and will be held at Holy Name of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Center, 121 Mt. Pleasant Street, New Bedford, 02740. If you have any questions, please contact Deacon Frank Lucca or Rev. Robert Oliveira, Co-Directors of the Office of the Permanent Diaconate at [email protected] or call their office at 508-990-0341

Feast of Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary

Friday, June 8, and Saturday, June 9, are the feast days of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary respectively. Since Holy Redeemer was founded by and staffed for many years by members of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary. They are important days for Holy Redeemer Parish. Please keep the Sacred Hearts priest who ministered here at Holy Redeemer and present members of that congregation in your prayers this week.

Half Way to Goal for 77th Catholic Charities Appeal

Each May and June the Catholic Charities Appeal is conducted by Holy Redeemer Parish and all parishes in the Fall River Diocese. The Appeal is the only time each year our Church asks us all to support the charitable agencies and apostolates that provide housing for vulnerable populations, care and support for the disabled and ill, and healthy programs such as scouting and youth ministry. We are now at the half way point in the Appeal

This year we have set a parish goal to increase our donations by 5%. That is a parish goal of $56,705. Thanks to the ---- generous parishioners who have already contributed $------ to this year’s appeal. We are half way to our goal. This week we have sent out reminder letters to parishioners who have not yet contributed to the Appeal. If our letter and your contribution crossed in the mail thank you for your donation. We would also like to increase the number of parish household contributing to the 2018 Appeal to 100%. If you have never contributed to the Appeal please prayerfully consider doing so this year.

A gift of $50 is $1 a week. A gift of $100 is just $10 a month. A $300 donation is less than $1 a day. Prayerfully, consider your gift to the needy in the name of Jesus. You can charge your donation to a credit card. MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and Discover cards are all accepted by the Appeal. Some employers offer matching gifts for their employee or retirees charitable gifts. Maybe you can double your gift. 

The Summer Season Begins!

Welcome to our seasonal guests and welcome back to our seasonal parishioners. Last weekend the parish added a 12 noon Mass to help accommodate anticipated larger attendance. It was fairly well attended considering it was the first weekend. Beginning the weekend before July 4th until the Labor Day weekend, Our Lady of Grace Chapel will be open. Its schedule of Masses is the same as in previous years, Saturday vigil 4:30 PM, Sunday morning 8:30 AM & 9:30 AM.

Our expanded summer schedule means we need some extra help. Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, Lectors and Altar Servers are asked to be flexible with their schedules so all Masses can have its ministries covered. We also need parishioners to help with being ushers, etc. at Our Lady of Grace. If you are willing to give of your time and talent by helping in some way please call the parish office (508)-945-0677.

Also, if you are a summer visitor who practices the Ministry of Lector, Minister of Holy Communion or Altar Server in your “home parish’ and would like to help here at Holy Redeemer or Our Lady of Grace please let us know so that the proper arrangements can be made.

Some Changes Have Been Made

Returning summer visitors will notice a few changes in the parish. One is that the parish discontinued weekly second collections. Now a second collection is only taken up if it is for one of the annual special appeals like today’s Ecclesiastical Student Fund. Taking up a second collection for parish needs every week felt too much like trying to squeeze a contribution out of parishioners. 

Donations to the weekly Budget Collection should be a sign of our thanksgiving to God for the many generous gifts God gives us every day. Please make sure your gift to the collection is at least what you would have given to the two collections in the past. Our donations should be our gift of good stewardship. Our contribution to our parish shouldn’t be the smallest bill we have in our wallet nor the loose change we have in our pockets. It should be an intentional gift given after prayerful reflection. Our contribution to the budget collection should reflect the overwhelming goodness of God to us.

Electronic Giving on the Way

Soon the parish will be offering the opportunity for electronic giving. Parishioners will be able to arrange to have their donations to all parish collections be withdrawn automatically from their checking account or charged to their credit card. You’ll be able to just “Set It and Forget It!” The system will offer contributors a receipt that you can drop in the collection basket. So, feeling awkward about not having something to drop in the basket as it goes by should not be a reason not to sign-up for electronic giving.


FACEBOOK has become one of the primary communications tools in our world today. It is a good way to send out reminders about parish events like the upcoming Listening Session and other parish news. So, “like us on Facebook” today.