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Happy Father’s Day

Jun 12, 2018

Today we celebrate Father’s Day and I offer best wishes to all fathers. Here is my suggestion on how to use that Amazon gift card you might have gotten. A worthwhile purchase for all fathers would be Pope Francis’ recently publish book on the Our Father. The book is published by Image Books. Its full title is Our Father, Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer, it is the fruits of a conversation the pope had with the Italian theologian and prison chaplain, Fr. Marco Pozza. I am in the process of using it for spiritual reading. The pope’s reflections aren’t so much deeply theological as they are very practical advice for fathers. It is simple and very practical. Who says celibates don’t know anything about family life? I believe it would be very worthwhile reading for every father and also for mothers who are preparing sons to become fathers. It is only a small book but it has much to say about fatherhood. So, pick up a copy and reflective on Pope Francis’ words.

Laudato Si Study News

Holy Redeemer Parish has joined the Faith Communities Environmental Network for Cape Cod and the Islands.  It is a multi-faith initiative established in 2017 to connect faith and ecology and to protect our home earth.  Our joining was prompted by discussions held at our meetings on the first Thursday of each month @ 7::00 PM to study Pope Francis’s encyclical letter on the Care for our common Home, Laudato Si”. Please join us in the Parish Center in July to begin the formulation of a strategy for preserving our environment using the moral force and spiritual energy behind creation.  The solution is complex and needs your help.

Pope Meets with Oil Executives

Last week Pope Francis sponsored a two-day Vatican conference with oil executives from around the world. Pope Francis tried to impress on the executives the serious problem of global climate change and their need to help foster new ways of developing energy that both protects the environment and offers access to reasonably priced energy for both the rich and poor. The conference was an outgrowth of the Pope’s encyclical, Laudato Si, released by the Pope three years ago.

Last August the parish started a Laudato Si, study group. It meets the second Thursday evening of every month at 7 pm in the parish center. Recently, the parish joined a group of Cape Cod interfaith religious groups that are studying the climate change problem as it pertains to our area. New members are always welcome!

77th Catholic Charities Appeal Ongoing

The annual Catholic Charities Appeal is entering its final days. The appeal comes to a close on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. The Appeal is the only time each year our Church asks us all to support the local charitable agencies and apostolates that provide housing for vulnerable populations, care and support for the disabled and ill, and healthy programs such as scouting and youth ministry.

This year the parish set its own goal to increase our donations by 5%. That is a parish goal of $56,705. Thanks to ---- generous parishioners who have already contributed $------ to this year’s appeal we are moving towards our goal. Thank you to all parishioners who have made a donation. We would also like to increase the number of parish household contributing to the 2018 Appeal to 100%. If you have never contributed to the Appeal please prayerfully consider doing so this year.

A gift of $50 is $1 a week. A gift of $100 is just $10 a month. A $300 donation is less than $1 a day. Prayerfully, consider your gift to the needy in the name of Jesus. You can charge your donation to a credit card. MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and Discover cards are all accepted by the Appeal. Some employers offer matching gifts for their employee or retirees charitable gifts. Maybe you can double your gift.

Collection for Latin America

Next week, a special second collection will be taken up for the Church in Latin America. For many in Latin America and Caribbean, rural terrain and a lack of ministers are obstacles to practicing their faith. Your support to the collection provides lay leadership training, catechesis, priestly and religious formation, as well as other programs to help share our faith with those who long to hear the Good News of Christ. To learn more, please visit

Social Media Committee

Last summer the parish established a Social Media Committee. Its purpose was to establish and maintain the parish website, a Facebook page and a presence on other social media platforms. Since then we have been successful in establishing our social media presence but now we need to continue to maintain it. We need more people willing to lend a hand to help. If you enjoy maintaining your own social media presence or that of your business or social organization please offer to help with our parish presence. Many hands make light labor! Please call the parish office (508)-945-0677, to offer to help.

The Value of Catholic Education

According to a study by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute reported on by the Crux Now Catholic News website “Catholic elementary school students, regardless of race, sex. Or socioeconomic status, have more self-control and self-discipline than their peers enrolled in either public or non-Catholic private schools. According to the study two surveys of the behavior of thousands of public, Catholic and non-Catholic private school students were used to draw their conclusions.

According to the Crux article, “While the study is encouraging, CATO Institute expert Corey A. DeAngelis warns that it is not causal, (as there was no real way to create a control group) and there could be other factors for a child’s good behavior than the type of school he or she attends.” DeAngelis said Catholic Schools have an advantage because students aren’t only accountable to teachers, “they are also held accountable to God”. They are also often very close-knit communities.

Regardless of the cause, the study shows how valuable Catholics schools are to our nation as they provide an alternative to public schools. It shows how necessary it is to keep the Catholic Schools of our diocese strong and vibrant. They need to be able to welcome children of all backgrounds and not just those whose parents are able to pay tuition. 

So many of our parishioners had the advantage of Catholic education. It was often afforded them at a very low cost because of the sacrifice of religious sisters, brothers, and priests. Today costs are much higher and many disadvantaged children can not afford a Catholic education.

But you can help! On Friday, July 13, 2018, The Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Education, or Face will hold its annual Summer Gala from 6 pm-10 pm, at the Willowbend Country Club, 100 Willowbend Drive, Mashpee. If you would like ticket information please contact the Parish Office (508)-945-0677.

Cape Cod has three Catholic Schools. St. Pius X School, S. Yarmouth, offers a full preK-8 curriculum. St. Francis Preparatory in Hyannis offers a middle school and St. Pope John Paul II a high school curriculum. Please support our local Catholic schools. 

 Permanent Deaconate Information Nights

Informational nights for a new class of Permanent Deaconate candidates to begin in the spring of 2019 are planned for Tuesday evening June 12, 2019, and August 28, 2019. Both meeting begin at 7:00 p and will be held at Holy Name of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish Center, 121 Mt. Pleasant Street, New Bedford, 02740. If you have any questions, please contact Deacon Frank Lucca or Rev. Robert Oliveira, Co-Directors of the Office of the Permanent Diaconate at [email protected] or call their office at 508-990-0341

Electronic Giving on the Way

Soon the parish will be offering the opportunity for electronic giving. Parishioners will be able to arrange to have their donations to all parish collections be withdrawn automatically from their checking account or charged to their credit card. You’ll be able to just “Set It and Forget It!” The system will offer contributors a receipt that you can drop in the collection basket. So, feeling awkward about not having something to drop in the basket as it goes by should not be a reason not to sign-up for electronic giving.


FACEBOOK has become one of the primary communications tools in our world today. It is a good way to send out reminders about parish events like the upcoming Listening Session and other parish news. So, “like us on Facebook” today.