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Christmas in July?

Jun 24, 2018

What is a Christmas Tree doing in church in the beginning of July? Well it is a Giving Tree for St. Joseph’s House for the Homeless in Hyannis. St. Joseph’s House is an agency of Catholic Social Services for the Diocese of Fall River. As a summer project Holy Redeemer is asking for your support in putting together house warming packages for St. Joseph’s guest who are transitioning to new homes. The packages will include kitchen and bathroom utensils and cleaning supplies so necessary for anyone moving into a new home for the first time.

Attached to the Christmas Trees are small envelopes with a list of items for parishioners to purchase. The cost of the items listed in the envelope totals about $20-25. Other envelopes request cash donations. Please take an envelope, purchase the items and return it by weekend of July 25-26. Help make a formally homeless person’s transition to living on their own all the easier.

Thank You to Stefanie St. Pierre

As was reported a few weeks ago Stefanie St. Pierre, our Choir Director, is stepping down after ten years at her position. The parish thanks Stefanie for her leadership and talents. This week a Search Committee was formed who will be directing our efforts to hire a new Music Director. We hope to invest more parish resources in our music program. Since it is such an important position we will be taking careful steps to ensure that the right person is hired. It is envisioned that the search process will take several months. Please keep the work of our search committee in your prayers this summer.

Our Lady of Grace Chapel Opens

Our Lady of Grace Chapel in S. Chatham opens for the summer this weekend. The schedule of Masses at the chapel will be the same as in previous years. That is Saturday afternoon vigil 4:30 PM, Sunday morning at 8:30 AM and 9:30 AM. Our Lady of Grace Chapel will be open through the Labor Day Weekend. We welcome back Msgr. Anthony Kulig and Fr. George Bellenoit to assist Fr. Sullivan over the summer. Beginning the weekend of July 15, there will also be music at Our Lady of Grace. Cece Kane a young parishioner will be helping with that at the Sunday morning Masses. Remember there is also a 12 Noon Mass at Holy Redeemer throughout the summer up until the Columbus Day weekend. Hopefully, that will take some of the pressure off the 10 AM Mass.

Frank Aldridge Men’s Prayer Group

Men of Holy Redeemer are invited to participate in the Frank Aldridge Men’s Prayer Group. Join them to pray the rosary, view and discussion a religious video and engaging in faith sharing with men of faith. The group is facilitated by Deacon Steve Minninger and meets on Thursday afternoon from 4:30-6:00, at Holy Trinity Church, Rte. 28, W. Harwich.  Call Martin Buoniconti at (508)-945-1834 for more information.

77th Catholic Charities Appeal Closes

Thank you to the ---- parishioners who contributed to the Diocese of Fall Rivers’ annual Catholic Charities Appeal. The appeal came to a close on Wednesday, June 27, 2018. We are still tabulating the final total but as of Monday contributions totaling $ --- were received from parishioners.  Thank you again for your generosity.

Social Media Committee

Last summer the parish established a Social Media Committee. Its purpose was to establish and maintain the parish website, a Facebook page and a presence on other social media platforms. Since then we have been successful in establishing our social media presence but now we need to continue to maintain it. We need more people willing to lend a hand to help. If you enjoy maintaining your own social media presence or that of your business or social organization please offer to help with our parish presence. Many hands make light labor! Please call the parish office (508)-945-0677, to offer to help.

Share the Value of Catholic Education

On Friday, July 13, 2018, The Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Education, or Face will hold its annual Summer Gala from 6 pm-10 pm, at the Willowbend Country Club, 100 Willowbend Drive, Mashpee. FACE helps raise scholarship money to help provide a Catholic education to needy students in the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Fall River. Many parishioners tell me how they received 12, 16, maybe even 18 years of Catholic Education. Help a new generation to be able to do the same. If you would like ticket information please contact the Parish Office (508)-945-0677.