April 2019 archive of Pastor's Corner

April 2019 archive of Pastor's Corner

Rebuild My Church

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 4/23/19

In the wake of the fire that heavily damaged Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris two weeks ago close to $1 Billion dollars was pledged to fund its rebuilding within hours. Most of that money was pledged by several French multibillionaire industrialists. While that is a wonderful sign of generosity ... Read More »

Happy Easter!

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 4/21/19

 I pray that the joy you experience on this Easter day will help you feel the newness of life in Jesus Christ every day.

I feel as if I’m usually an upbeat and optimistic person. Every once in a while, I can’t help but wonder though what it would ... Read More »

Holy Week is Upon Us

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 4/07/19

Beginning today the Catholic Church enters Holy Week the most sacred time of its Liturgical year. As we celebrate Jesus’ triumphal entrance into Jerusalem today, we prepare to gather in Church several times this week to commemorate his salvific passion, crucifixion, death and resurrection. Lent the forty days of ... Read More »

Celebrating the Season of Lent

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 4/02/19

Now that we are in the second half of Lent there is a shift in the tone of the season. Rather than a penitential tone the season begins to look ahead to the salvific work of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection. God’s great gift of Jesus’ redemptive offering of ... Read More »


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