March 2019 archive of Pastor's Corner

March 2019 archive of Pastor's Corner

April Is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/26/19

Back in February at the end of Pope Francis’ meeting with bishops from around the world on the sexual abuse crisis he spoke about how the problem of abuse is very pervasive in our society. Some detractors accused the pope of trying to deflect criticism on the issue with ... Read More »

Personally, opposed but…

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/19/19

In January the New York State Legislature enacted what it called the “Reproductive Health Act”. That title is really a misnomer for a new law that would continue legal abortion in New York State should a more anti-abortion US Supreme Court majority decide to overturn the Roe V Wade ... Read More »

Wishing you “Lá fhéile Pádraig sona dhaiobh” – Happy Saint Patrick’s Day.

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/12/19

Oh, if only Gene Clancy were here to read this headline! The blessings of the Christian patron of Ireland on all members of Holy Redeemer Parish. There are few saints as famous as the patron saint of Ireland. While St. Patrick is well-known, we don’t know too much about ... Read More »

Lenten Ember Days

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/03/19

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday of this week are the Lenten Ember Days. Ember Days are three days of fasting and prayer traditionally set aside to mark the turn of each seasons. After Vatican II their celebration was made optional. In the wake of last summer’s flare up in the ... Read More »


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