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79th Catholic Appeal Begins Monday

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 5/27/20

In 1942, as our country became involved in the Second World War, the Diocese of Fall River began its first annual Appeal. The Appeal’s initial purpose was to help support the war effort on a local level. Funds raised by that drive went to support the troops entering the ... Read More »

We Can Open Up, Sort of

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 5/24/20

On Monday, Governor Baker announced a plan to begin rolling back the COVID-19 restrictions. He announced that Places of Worship could reopen at 40% of capacity provided they followed social distancing restrictions. Also, on Monday, Bishop da Cunha, after consulting with our diocesan Presbyterial Council, announced churches could reopen ... Read More »

Preparing for the Future

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 5/16/20

We are all anxious to get back to our regular routines. In my conversations with parishioners, I hear many expressing a longing to be able to come back to church and participate in the Sacraments. We are still several weeks away from that being possible. The Massachusetts guidelines restricting ... Read More »

Happy Mother’s Day

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 5/07/20

Sadly, we aren’t able to celebrate another of our favorite holidays in the way we are accustom. Mother’s Day is usually a day when families gather together, but the pandemic makes that unwise for many of us. Hopefully, you and your loved ones can gather virtually to share your ... Read More »

When will we get back to Church?

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 4/27/20

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been taking the time to call a few parishioners each day to find out how people are dealing with the COVID-19 situation. Most days, someone will ask me, “When do you think we will be able to get back to Church?” I have ... Read More »

It’ll Be a Changed World

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 4/22/20

Over these past several weeks, the COVID-19 virus has sparked a great deal of speculation about how our world will be changed once we get to the other side of this pandemic. I’ve heard speculation that business will be changed. Some commentators contend that since so many more people ... Read More »

Becoming Easter Disciples

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 4/14/20

Every year the Church gives the faithful a refresher course on how to be a better disciple of Jesus. Throughout the fifty days between Easter and Pentecost, the liturgy of the Church and the scripture readings instructs us on what it means to be a Christian disciple. It uses ... Read More »

A Unique Easter

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 4/07/20

More than ever this Easter, we feel like Jesus’ early disciples. On the first Easter, Jesus was freed from the tomb and resurrected to new life, but his disciples weren’t. The gospels tell us after the Resurrection, like we are today, the disciples were closed behind doors in the ... Read More »

Priest to Politician No, Politician to Priest Yes!

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/30/20

A parishioner recently responded to one of my email messages concerning the coronavirus. He thanked me for my leadership of the parish and claimed that if I were running for public office, he would vote for me. I immediately responded no, no, no; I have no interest in public ... Read More »

Keeping Faith in Days of Corona Virus 

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/17/20

Governor Baker has decreed a state of emergency in Massachusetts because of the coronavirus. One of the stipulations in his decree is there are to be no gatherings of more than 25 people. That will be in effect at least until April 5, 2020. That essentially cancels all Masses ... Read More »