Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner

Priest to Politician No, Politician to Priest Yes!

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/30/20

A parishioner recently responded to one of my email messages concerning the coronavirus. He thanked me for my leadership of the parish and claimed that if I were running for public office, he would vote for me. I immediately responded no, no, no; I have no interest in public ... Read More »

Keeping Faith in Days of Corona Virus 

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/17/20

Governor Baker has decreed a state of emergency in Massachusetts because of the coronavirus. One of the stipulations in his decree is there are to be no gatherings of more than 25 people. That will be in effect at least until April 5, 2020. That essentially cancels all Masses ... Read More »

A Faith Response to the Coronavirus

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/13/20

The coronavirus outbreak is stirring up anxiety, confusion, and major inconveniences. It is a situation in which we can easily overreact or underreact. How can our faith tradition guide and comfort us through this troubling time?

A good starting point is to remember that the most repeated phrase in ... Read More »

Our Lenten Program

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/11/20

The Stations of the Cross are recited on the Friday afternoons of Lent at 4:30 PM. A different version of the Stations is prayed each week by parish group. This week members of the Nursing Home Ministry will lead us in a version call Stations of the Cross for Seniors.

Following the Stations parishioners are invited to share a simple Soup Supper. A program called “The Grace of Les Miserables” will follow the supper. Each week we will view a video presentation by Rev. Matt Rawle. He will reflect on the six ideals of grace, justice, poverty, revolution, love, and hope-each represented by a character in the famous Victor Hugo novel. Coincidentally, this year’s Monomoy High School Spring Musical is Les Miserables. Performances are March 18-21, 2020 at 7:00 ... Read More »

Our Lenten Program

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/02/20

The parish is offering many opportunities to help you make this a good Lent. Plan to participate in as many of our Lenten spiritual programs as possible. During Lent the Stations of the Cross are a popular devotion. Holy Redeemer Church will be reciting the Stations on Friday afternoons ... Read More »

Lent A Season of New Life

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 2/28/20

We miss the point if we focus on Lent only as a season of deprivation and denial. That isn’t the purpose for the season at all. Lent is intended to be forty days to prepare our souls to welcome new life. Lent, our English name for the forty-day season ... Read More »

Wrapped in Prayer

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 1/27/20

A couple of weeks ago the members of the Holy Redeemer Prayer Shawl and Knitting Ministry invited me to come to one of their meetings to bless the various knitted items they have made. As you see from the picture on the front of the bulletin the members make ... Read More »

So, Christians are Different

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 1/24/20

Last week we celebrated two important commemorations. On Monday the work of the distinguished civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. was remembered with our public holiday and on Wednesday the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children was marked with prayer and the annual March ... Read More »

They Want to Become Catholics!

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 1/16/20

We have heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child. Similarly, it takes a parish to welcome new Catholics. For the first time in recent memory at least Holy Redeemer is conducting the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, commonly known by the acronym (RCIA). ... Read More »

What is Baptism Anyway?

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 1/06/20

Today the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Baptism of the Lord. When John the Baptist was preaching in the desert and baptizing in the Jordan, it was part of his ministry to call people to repentance. Jesus came to John and asked for baptism. John realized that Jesus ... Read More »


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