Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner

Advent and a New Liturgical Year Begin

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 11/13/19

Next week as the Advent Season begins, so does a new liturgical year. Besides the priest and deacon wearing purple vestments, you will notice some other changes. Most significant is the change in the gospel passages at Mass. They will now come from the Gospel according to Matthew. As ... Read More »

Another Good Sign for the Parish

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 11/13/19

Last week I reported on some signs of new growth in parish life. This week I’d like to report on another one. The parish has been approached by three people who would like to join the Catholic Church here at Holy Redeemer. That is an exciting sign of improving ... Read More »

Something Good is Happening Here

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 11/04/19

A priest friend of mine says about mail from parishioners. Cards are good, letters are bad. When a card comes in the mail addressed to a priest, he can count on it, usually being an expression of thanks or encouragement. But when he gets a long white business-sized envelope ... Read More »

Amazon Synod Wraps Up

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 10/29/19

The most recent Vatican synod on issues facing the Church in the Amazon region ended last Sunday. Synods like the one just completed are an outgrowth of the reforms of Vatican II. They have been convened in recent decades as an opportunity to address a particular area of ministerial ... Read More »

The Power of Prayer

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 10/29/19

St. John Vianney once asked one of his French peasant parishioners’ what his prayer life was like. The man responded, “I look at Him, and he looks at me.” The more we understand prayer, the more we recognize how wise that comment is. This week I read a commentary ... Read More »

Lead Kindly Light, Pope Canonizes John Henry Newman

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 10/29/19

Last Sunday, Pope Francis canonized John Henry Cardinal Newman. Newman was a 19th Century English priest and one of the great theologians of that time. He is probably best known as the patron saint of Catholic campus ministries at public universities. Hundreds of Catholic student centers across the world ... Read More »

How Can I Keep From Singing!

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 10/29/19

Do you want to have a happy and healthy brain? Are you looking for something fulfilling to do during your week? Studies have shown that singing in a choir can be beneficial to one's health. Neurologists agree that singing can engage the brain to help with dementia and Alzheimer's ... Read More »

Adult Education Series Begins

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 10/01/19

During last Sunday’s homily, I spoke about an Adult Education series called “Lights, Camera…Faith!” that the parish was planning to begin. I told you that I was meeting with a group of parishioners to plan the series. Well we got right down to business. We decided there was nothing ... Read More »

Controversial Bishop’s Synod to Open

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 9/26/19

The controversial synod of bishops on the topic of the church in the Amazon region of South America is about to open in Rome next Sunday, October 6. It will continue through much of October. Pope Francis announced the special meeting of bishops on his way back from the ... Read More »

Special Collection for Bahamas Hurricane Relief

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 9/17/19

This weekend there will be a special second collection for Bahaman Hurricane relief. On September 1-3, Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands in the northern Bahamas were battered by the over 200 miles per hour winds of Hurricane Dorian. The storm’s winds and tidal surge swept most all homes ... Read More »


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