Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner

Adult Education Series Begins

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 10/01/19

During last Sunday’s homily, I spoke about an Adult Education series called “Lights, Camera…Faith!” that the parish was planning to begin. I told you that I was meeting with a group of parishioners to plan the series. Well we got right down to business. We decided there was nothing ... Read More »

Controversial Bishop’s Synod to Open

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 9/26/19

The controversial synod of bishops on the topic of the church in the Amazon region of South America is about to open in Rome next Sunday, October 6. It will continue through much of October. Pope Francis announced the special meeting of bishops on his way back from the ... Read More »

Special Collection for Bahamas Hurricane Relief

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 9/17/19

This weekend there will be a special second collection for Bahaman Hurricane relief. On September 1-3, Grand Bahama and the Abaco Islands in the northern Bahamas were battered by the over 200 miles per hour winds of Hurricane Dorian. The storm’s winds and tidal surge swept most all homes ... Read More »

Healing the Sexual Abuse Scandal

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 9/10/19

Recently I’ve had come to my attention two initiatives to help bring healing to the Church from the sexual abuse scandal. The first is from Notre Dame University. This school year the university’s Notre Dame Forum has as its theme, “Rebuild My Church:’ Crisis and Response.” This theme refers to the ... Read More »

A Different Sort of Relic

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 9/02/19

In keeping with last week’s column by Ron Weishaar on the saints around us. I would like to follow up with another saint story. Our Catholic veneration of the saints includes reverence for their relics. Relics are grouped into three different classes. A first-class relic is some part of ... Read More »

Big Saints and Little Ones

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 9/02/19

Over the last forty years the Catholic Church has canonized more saints than it has in probably any other time period in its history. The Church has done that because it wants to remind us that holiness isn’t something reserved for the few but a virtue that we all ... Read More »

Anniversary of Church Dedication Tuesday

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 8/20/19

“Here you build up for yourself the temple that we are and cause your Church, spread throughout the world, to grow ever more and more as the Lord’s own Body, till she reaches her fullness in the vision of peace, the heavenly city of Jerusalem.”

This quote from the ... Read More »

More on Catholics and the Eucharist

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 8/20/19

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a Pew Research Center survey reporting that according to the Catholics they questioned the majority say they don’t believe the Catholic teaching in transubstantiation. That teaching says that at the Consecration during the Mass the hosts and wine really and truly ... Read More »

From the Pastor

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 8/06/19

A few weeks ago, I wrote that someone had made the comment in the recent parish survey that they would like to hear from someone other than me all the time in the bulletin. In response I invite Jamie Nash, a parishioner who recently walked the El Camino a ... Read More »

Are Half of Catholics Closet Protestants?

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 8/06/19

According to a recent Pew Research Center study apparently half of American Catholics say they don’t believe the Catholic teaching called transubstantiation. Transubstantiation is the belief that the consecrated bread and wine used as Communion, while remaining the same in outward appearance, become the real Body and Blood of ... Read More »


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