Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner

From the Pastor

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 8/06/19

A few weeks ago, I wrote that someone had made the comment in the recent parish survey that they would like to hear from someone other than me all the time in the bulletin. In response I invite Jamie Nash, a parishioner who recently walked the El Camino a ... Read More »

Are Half of Catholics Closet Protestants?

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 8/06/19

According to a recent Pew Research Center study apparently half of American Catholics say they don’t believe the Catholic teaching called transubstantiation. Transubstantiation is the belief that the consecrated bread and wine used as Communion, while remaining the same in outward appearance, become the real Body and Blood of ... Read More »

Lord Teach Us to Pray

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 7/25/19

What is the perfect way to pray? That is the question on the minds of every struggling disciple new or old throughout the ages. We all want our prayer life to help us on the way to growing closer to God. In today’s gospel passage from Luke the disciples ... Read More »

It’s the Parish Bulletin

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 7/16/19

Someone made the comment on the recent parish survey; “I’d like to hear from someone besides Fr. Sullivan in the parish bulletin.” I certainly don’t want to be a bulletin hog. A couple of weeks ago I read an article in The Cape Cod Chronicle about parishioner Jamie Neithold-Nash’s ... Read More »

Ryan Peteraf Introduces Himself

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 7/12/19

Greetings! I am overjoyed to be the new Director of Music here at Holy Redeemer. This parish has already proven to be one of love, kindness, and hospitality. It was humbling to greet many of you after Mass this past weekend. It can be a bit intimidating to start ... Read More »

Welcome to Ryan Peteraf Our New Music Director

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 6/30/19

This week the parish welcomes Ryan Peteraf who will be Holy Redeemer Parish’s first full time Music Director. Ryan is a native of central Pennsylvania and recently earned his Masters Degree from the Liturgical Music Program at Notre Dame University. We are looking forward to great things as Ryan ... Read More »

Adult Faith Formation Can Be Fun

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 6/24/19

Last week I reprinted an email I received from a parishioner regarding my lament in a homily that according to the recent parish survey two-thirds of parishioners expressed no interest in participating in adult faith formation programs. In the email he admitted that he was one of those parishioners. ... Read More »

From the Pastor

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 6/16/19

Some Fruitful Feedback Sunday afternoon I got back to the Rectory after taking the dog for a walk and sat down to prepare this week’s bulletin. Before I started, I decided to check my email. I looked through the list and found this one.

Father,Thank You for a very ... Read More »

Collection for Latin America

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 6/16/19

Next week the second collection will be to aid the Church in Latin America. The money raised from the collection conducted throughout the country is used to fund the spiritual formation of local Catholics in many ways. It supports programs that promote peace and solidarity in areas were there ... Read More »

Parish Survey Being Tabulated

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 6/16/19

Thank you to the almost 30% of parishioners who completed one of our parish surveys. That was a very high rate of return for surveys. It shows a great level of interest in parish life by many parishioners. The survey was developed by the Parish Pastoral Council and evaluated ... Read More »


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