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What will be your New Year’s Resolution

Nov 9, 2018

Last week I wrote about a short book I recently read as spiritual reading. The book is called, The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity written by Matthew Kelly the founder of Dynamic Catholic. In the book Kelly says that the biggest lie in Christianity is that holiness is unattainable for the average Christian. He writes that the belief that holiness is beyond the average Christian is a falsehood. Kelly points out that no one actually lives a holy life. What even the great saints lived were holy moments. Kelly writes that even saints had times when they sinned and did despicable things. What saints do is that they string a series of holy moments together to make a holy life. Holy moments according to Kelly are those times each day when we live a life, if only for a moment, where we are the best person God made us to be.

Matthew Kelly states that if we all took the time to seek out Holy Moments our Church and the world would be transformed. He claims that the reason that this hasn’t happened is that the world wants us to be lazy and works against our striving to be the person God made us to be for even a moment. Kelly says that most of us aren’t really ready to be transformed. We want to settle for only a little tweaking. We’ll consider some fine tuning in some really insignificant way but we aren’t in the market to be really transformed. If we believe we only need a little tweaking then we become mediocre and very self-centered in our spiritual life.

As we approach the end of the Liturgical Year how have you improved in the last year? Have we settled for just some fine tuning rather than being truly transformed? Kelly says, “Ask yourself. “What was amazing about this year? Whom are you most grateful for this year? What brings you joy? What accomplishments are you most proud of from the past year? These are questions we can ask ourselves to help us evaluate our efforts to be a saint this year.

Plan to make this coming year a better year. Fill it with Holy Moments when you will be the closest to being the person God made you to be. Ask yourself questions like, “Do you like the direction your life is heading in? What needs to be on your NOT TO DO list this year? If you could accomplish anything over the next twelve months, what would it be? How serious are you about making things happen this coming year?

Kelly at the end of his book says that the excuse we so often use when it comes to really living the life God calls us to live is that we are either too young or too old. That can’t be allowed to be our pretext. He lists people who accomplished great deeds at very young ages. Mozart was eight when he wrote his first symphony. Joan of Arc was eighteen when she led the French army to victory. Bill Gates was nineteen when he co-founded Microsoft. Some were middle aged when they began a great accomplishment. Mother Teresa was forty when she founded the Missionaries of Charity, Henry Ford was fifty when he started his first assembly line, Winston Churchill was sixty-five when he became Prime Minister to take on Hitler. Some were old. Nelson Mandela was seventy-five when he was elected President of South Africa, Michelangelo was seventy-two when he designed the dome of St. Peter’s. We can start and accomplish great things at any phase of life. We can begin living Holy Moments and form holy lives at any age.

The parish bought several hundred copies of, The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity, to hand out at Christmas masses. Make plans to celebrate Christmas with us here at Holy Redeemer and get your copy of The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity and start living Holy Moments.

Take A Mini Retreat This Advent
Dynamic Catholic is offering, Best Advent Ever, again this year. If you sign up for it at, you will be sent a short email each day of the season to help you make Advent 2018 your best Advent ever.

Advent Preparation Aid
Next Sunday begins the new Liturgical Year. Sunday, December 2, 2018, is the First Sunday of Advent and the beginning of a new year of grace. Advent is that season the Church uses to help us prepare our hearts to welcome the Incarnate Jesus at Christmas. To help you use the Advent Season as a time of preparation for Christmas the parish has free copies of the December issue of Word Among Us. They are available on the table at the back of the church. Please help yourself to a copy.

Also, to parish calendars are available at the back of the church. They are provided by the generosity of the Nickerson Funeral Home. A Catholic calendar should be in every home. They show us the various Liturgical Seasons, saint’s feast days and give some interesting information about our Catholic Church. Pick one up before you leave church today.

Reception for Monica Wieting 2019 Marian Medal Awardee
Next Sunday, December 2, 2018, we will hold a light reception for Mrs. Monica Wieting, Holy Redeemers Marian Medal recipient for 2018, after the 10AM Mass. Along with Monica we will be honoring all our parish’s past Marian Medal recipients. Bishop Edgar da Cunha conferred the Diocese of Fall River’s Marian Medal on Monica at a Prayer Service at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Fall River on November 18, 2018. Come and congratulate Monica and the other recipients.

Lenten House in Haiti
Last Lent the parish raised $3,600, through our Lenten Sacrifice Folders and sent the money to Food for the Poor to build a modest home for a family in Haiti. Recently, Food for the Poor sent us a picture of the Montrevil Family in front of their new home in Plaine Du Nord, Haiti. The picture is in the bulletin board at the back of the church. It is on your left as you leave the church. Thank you to all who contributed to this project. Well done!


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