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Critical Bishops’ Meeting This Week

Nov 5, 2018

This Monday through Wednesday the United States Bishop’s Conference will be convening their annual fall meeting. This week’s meeting is especially important because the conference will be addressing the clergy sexual abuse crisis especially as it pertains to bishop accountability.

One of the proposals to be considered by the bishops are a code of conduct for bishops regarding sexual misconduct with a minor or adult or “negligence in the exercise of his office related to such cases”. Another calls for the establishment of a third-party confidential reporting system for claims of abuse by bishops and policies for restrictions on bishops who are removed or resign because of allegations of abuse of minors or adults. They also intend to authorize an investigation into the process around the ecclesiastical advancement of Archbishop Theodore McCarrick. The exact wording and provisions of these measures won’t be finalized until this week’s meeting but hopefully they will hold bishops strictly accountable for their handling of sexual abuse cases.

The editors of America, the Jesuit Catholic magazine suggested three actions the bishops will hopefully take to restore trust in the Catholic Church. They suggest that with the input of outside legal experts all bishops commit to a national standard for transparency about sexual abuse records. This accounting would spare the faithful the protracted agony of continued revelations over the next few years as news from public investigations is slowly revealed.

The editors suggest that the bishops include laypeople especially parents and women in every meeting about sexual abuse allegations and the accountability of those who failed to protect victims. Their final suggestion was that the bishops test their every response to incidents of sexual abuse by the question, “Does this provide justice and healing to survivors of sexual abuse?” The bishop’s response can no longer be driven by fear of public scandal and shaming, of lawsuits and bankruptcy the editors wrote.

If you are interested in following the proceedings of the conference’s public meetings, they will be lived streamed on the USCCB website and EWTN will provide coverage. Also, Crux Now or Catholic News Service are good websites to get more accurate coverage of the meetings than most of the main stream media. They are website with coverage of the meetings that will probably be more nuanced from a Catholic perspective than most of the popular media.

Please pray that the bishops will be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit so that the Church can begin to be healed from the wounds of the clergy sexual abuse scandal.

All Souls Envelope Proceeds for Hurricane Relief
November is the month that Catholics make a special effort to remember our faithful dead. Holy Redeemer has compiled a Book of the Dead with the names of our loved ones who have died. The Book of the Dead is being honored with incense before each weekend Mass this month. Please keep the souls of the faithful departed in your prayers this month.

Parishioners were asked to make a contribution when they submitted the names of their dead to be included in the Book of the Dead. We pledged to send whatever was contributed to Catholic Charities USA for hurricane relief. Contributions in the amount of $2,033.00, were received and sent to Catholic Charities the week. Thank you for your generosity.

No Matter who you are
No Matter what you do
No Matter where you come from
No matter where you are going
No matter how good or how bad things may seem
Please know that you are always welcome at Holy Redeemer


Fr. Sullivan on Vacation Next Week
Fr. Sullivan begins vacation on Monday, November 12. Fr. George Bellenoit, retired pastor of St. Pius X in S. Yarmouth will be filling in for him. Please welcome Fr. Bellenoit. If you would be so kind as to keep Fr. Sullivan’s safety in his travels in your prayers. Fr. Sullivan will return for the weekend of November 24/25.

Advent Preparation Aid
It almost feels like we’re rushing the season but the new Liturgical Year will begin in just three weeks. Sunday, December 2, 2018, is the First Sunday of Advent and the beginning of a new year of grace. Advent is that season the Church uses to help us prepare our hearts to welcome the Incarnate Jesus at Christmas. To help you use the Advent Season as a time of preparation for Christmas the parish has free copies of the December issue of Word Among Us. They are available on the table at the back of the church. Please help yourself to a copy.

Also, to parish calendars are available at the back of the church. They are provided by the generosity of the Nickerson Funeral Home. A Catholic calendar should be in every home. They show us the various Liturgical Seasons, saint’s feast days and give some interesting information about our Catholic Church. Pick one up before you leave church today.


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