5th Sunday of Easter

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 5/20/19

The Resurrection on Easter was the greatest event the world has ever known. It turned the world completely around. The resurrection of Jesus from the dead caused the world to take a180 turn. The world was lost in sin. Sin is anything that damages our relationship with God. God ... Read More »

4th Sunday of Easter

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 5/14/19

Last weekend Fr. Mac McLaughlin was my house guest as he visited our parish to talk to us about the work of Cross Catholic. Fr. “Mac” even though he is retired as a pastor is still very active. Besides his work with Cross Catholic he is an alcohol and ... Read More »

3rd Sunday of Easter

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 5/09/19

What are you afraid of? Many people are afraid of snakes. A week or so ago I was walking my dog in the woods and we stirred up a couple of garter snakes who were in the sun beside the trail. They started me as they slithered away. Many ... Read More »

2nd Easter Divine Mercy

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 4/30/19

Most of us don’t like too much change. We like our lives to be pretty predictable and ordinary. We might be open to little adjustments here and there. We don’t mind a little tweak. Maybe a change of scenery for a short while is acceptable. A few minor adjustments ... Read More »


Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 4/23/19

A blessed Easter to our regular parishioners and their families. Welcome back to our seasonal parishioners, slowly returning from warmer climates, our visitors and especially those of you who don’t come to church very often. We’re especially happy you are here. God sent Jesus into the world to reach ... Read More »

Palm Sunday

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 4/21/19

Next year 2020, will mark my thirtieth year as a priest. Recently, three of my seminary classmates and I began to make plans to celebrate our anniversary in a special way. We are going to the Oberammergau (O-ber-am-mer-gau) Passion Play. The Oberammergau (O-ber-am-mer-gau) Passion Play is very famous and ... Read More »

4rd Sunday of Lent

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 4/02/19

Four weeks ago, as we began the Lenten Season, I started this series of homilies I’m calling “From Maintenance to Mission.” That first week I told you over the years the Church has lost it’s focus. Before ascending to Heaven, Jesus gave the apostles the great commission. To go ... Read More »

3rd Sunday of Lent

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/26/19

Welcome to the third in this series of Lenten homilies I’m calling, “From Maintenance to Mission”. In the first of these homilies I told you that the Church has lost its focus. For decades it seems as if the Church has fixated on the people in the pews rather ... Read More »

2nd Sunday of Lent

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/19/19

Last week I gave you a homework assignment. How many of you did it? Well at the end of last week’s homily, I asked everyone to take a moment of quiet last week and ask yourself the question, “Why do I go to church?” What is your answer?

I ... Read More »

1st Sunday of Lent

Posted by Fr. John Sullivan on 3/12/19

Cards are good letters are bad. When I was a newly ordained priest a more senior priest shared that observation with me. He told me that when I was sorting through my mail to remember, “Cards are good letters are bad.”. Over the years I’ve experienced the truth of ... Read More »


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