Welcome to the Eucharist!

This weekend at the 10 AM Mass we have the pleasure of welcoming our 2 nd Graders to the Eucharist for the first time. Our First Communicants are: Evan Bober, John Gula, Dylan Jones, Patrick Kelleher, Ivy Kent, Lauren LaSelva, Bridget Sheeran, John Sheeran, Georgia Storey, and Grace Whitney.

It is such a great joy to share the Body and Blood of Jesus with them. Our Catholic belief is that Jesus fulfills His promise to be with us always through the Real Presence in the Eucharist is the sum and summit of our faith. It is in participating in the Eucharist on at least a weekly basis that God gives us the grace of His presence in our lives so we can courageously live our Christian

Please join me in prayer that our First Communicant’s parents will impress upon them the importance of being faithful to the Third Commandment to keep holy the Sabbath by attending weekend Mass faithfully. To not give God the worship and respect due God by habitually neglecting our Sunday Mass obligation is a sin that breaks our relationship with God. To fail to teach our children the importance of attending Mass every week is even more sinful because we are harming the souls of a child. Remember that our obligation to attend Sunday Mass needs to be our first priority! It is more important than dance recitals, more important than a golf game, even more important than our job! If we really love God we will find a way to attend Mass every Sunday no matter how busy our schedule.

Pope Francis’ Auctions for Charity
Last week Sotheby’s, the famous auction house, sold a 2018 Lamborghini Huracan coupe autographed by Pope Francis for $970,000. That was more than twice the pre-auction estimated price according to the Crux Now Catholic website. Seventy percent of the almost one million dollars raised was donated on the pope’s behalf to Christians in the Iraqi city of Nineveh where so many suffered while under Islamic State occupation several years ago. Other charities that benefited from the auction were an Italian NGO helping children in the Central African Republic, a Swiss charity helping those with disfigured hands with surgical assistance and a group that conducts day centers and family homes dedicated to Pope St. John XXIII.

Crux also reported on an effort to have sport heroes from throughout the world autograph a “Superpope to the Rescue” tee shirt. All the proceeds of the shirt’s auction, to be held this September, will go to aid the charities of the pope.

The 77 th Annual Catholic Charities Appeal , currently being conducted through June 27, doesn’t have a Lamborghini signed by Pope Francis or a “SuperPope to the Rescue” tee shirt signed by sports celebrities to auction off. The CCA is depending on the generosity of our faithful parishioners. The Appeal is the only time each year our Church asks us all to support the charitable agencies and apostolates supported by the Appeal. They provide housing for vulnerable populations, care and support for the disabled and ill, and healthy programs such as
scouting and youth ministry.

Thank you to parishioners of Holy Redeemer Parish who last year generously contributed $54,005 dollars to the CCA. This year we have set a parish goal to increase our donations by 5%.That is a parish goal of $56,705.00. Thank you to the 107 generous parishioners who have already contributed $23,513.50 to this year’s appeal. We would also like to increase the number of parish household contributing to the 2018 Appeal to 100%. If you have never contributed to the Appeal please prayerfully consider doing so this year.

If you did not receive a Catholic Charities Appeal mailing from the parish there are extra packets that include a donation card and brochure in the pews. Please help yourself to one and return it to the parish office.

A gift of $50 is $1 a week, less than the price of a cup of coffee. A gift of $100 or $10 a month, is maybe the price of breakfast. A $300 donation is less than $1 a day, not the price of one lost golf ball. Prayerfully consider your gift to the needy in the name of Jesus. You can charge your donation to a credit card. MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and Discover cards are all accepted by the Appeal. Some employers offer matching gifts for their employee or retirees charitable gifts. Maybe you can double your gift.
Let’s make the 2018 Catholic Charities Appeal the most successful ever!

A Few Changes in the Parish!
Seasonal parishioners who have been spending the winter in warmer climates a beginning to return. They will notice a few changes in the parish. One of which is that beginning last September the parish discontinued weekly second collections. Now a second collection is only taken up if it is for one of the annual special appeals. Taking up a second collection for parish needs every week felt too much like trying to squeeze a contribution out of parishioners. Donations to the weekly Budget Collection should be a sign of our thanksgiving to God for the many generous gifts God gives us every day. Please make sure your gift to the collection is at least what you would have given to the two collections in the past. Our donations should be our gift of good stewardship. Our contribution to our parish shouldn’t be the smallest bill we have in our wallet nor the loose change we have in our pockets. It should be an intentional gift given after prayerful reflection. Our contribution to the budget collection should reflect the overwhelming goodness of God to us.

In the fall we began mailing our budget envelopes to parishioners on a bimonthly basis. Soon we will be instituting the opportunity for electronic giving. You will be able to have your donation to Holy Redeemer Parish made directly from your checking account or charge card. JUST SET IT AND FORGET IT! Together we can put Holy Redeemer on a sound financial footing.

FACEBOOK has become one of the primary communications tools in our world today. While it is sometimes controversial it is here to stay. The parish has established a FACEBOOK page to communicate parish news. So, “like us on Facebook” today.

Mark Your Calendars for the Parish Listening Session
Make plans today to attend our parish listening session on Thursday evening May 31, from 6:30-8:00pm in the church. This listening session is the first step in developing a strategic plan for our parish. The session will follow a format similar to the recent diocesan listening session
conducted by Bishop de Cunha at St. Joan of Arc Church on April 18. Marilyn Blanchette, who facilitated that session, will be here at Holy Redeemer to help carry out the same role for us.

As mentioned in last week’s homily we will be asked to answer three questions during the session.
1. What does our parish do well?
2. What is our parish currently doing that we could be doing better ?
3. What is our parish not doing that we could be doing?
We’re looking forward to the participation of all parishioners.

Summer Help Needed
Going around town we see many “Help Wanted” signs. Merchants, landscapers and other seasonal employers are all scrambling to get enough help for the summer. It’s a similar situation here at Holy Redeemer as we prepare to add four masses to our weekend schedule. We’ll need additional people to help coordinate collection at Our Lady of Grace Chapel where Masses will be celebrated at 4:30 pm Saturday afternoon and at 8:30 am and 9:30 am on Sunday morning. We also need help with collections at the 12 Noon Mass at Holy Redeemer which will begin Memorial Day Weekend. If you can help coordinate please call the Parish Office (508)-945-0677.

We also could use a few more Eucharistic Ministers and altar servers. So, if you exercise these ministries in your home parish and plan to be here for the summer or even part of the summer please offer to help here at Holy Redeemer or Our Lady of Grace Chapel. If you are a Eucharistic Minister in your home parish we will just need a letter from your home parish saying you are a minister in good standing.